We had quite the time

When I went to college way down south for my junior and senior year, my idea of what true cold is and the locals idea of what true cold is were two very different things. I came from an area that was experiencing temperatures that were dipping into the negative 30s at night during my spring semester. My parents were telling me about it over the phone, as I was sitting in my overheated dorm with it being a mere 52 degrees outside. Many days I would go around in shorts on campus and people would think I was trying to be a tough guy or something. No, it just felt warm in comparison to what I was used to. In fact, I thought the weather was awesome throughout my spring semester. I really did resent how high the thermostat was in the dorms though. It was the kind of temperatures I would be setting if I was in negative degree weather, for goodness sake! In the mornings, when I would head to class, it would often be in the 40s, but not for long. Everybody I would pass on the path would be dressed up for the Arctic and I would breeze by in a T-shirt. The classrooms themselves were similarly overheated. Occasionally, I would feel a strong urge to open the window, but then other students would look at me like I was insane. These fragile little butterflies really didn’t know what true cold was and I was pretty tired of sweating in the middle of summer because of excessive heating!

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