We had to get some more pumps

Have you ever had a problem that has taken you to the depths of despair? One that you see no way out of and can’t seem to get ahead of?  This is how my life has been for the past five years but things are finally starting to turn around. When the whole thing started I was a successful salesperson for a local store.  I had a steady paycheck, nice apartment, and drove a fairly new car. The store announced one day that they were filing bankruptcy and that all employees were being given a two week notice.  I was shocked beyond belief! I realized quickly that I had never planned for such a situation and I had been living paycheck to paycheck. My apartment was expensive but I never gave it a thought.  I had purchased my car a couple of years prior and I was still making payments. How was I going to survive. Now, I live in an income based apartment and take the city bus. It has taken a few years but I think I have finally put away enough in savings to start looking for a better place to live.  Where I am now I have to use space heaters to try and stay warm because the HVAC system barely works. The summers are brutal because they don’t allow the use of window air conditioners, not that I could afford to run one anyway. I have begun my search for a better place and my biggest priority at this point is that it is clean and has a working HVAC system.  If I am going to pay a higher rent then I need to know that I will be comfortable year round. I am thankful that I finally have a better job that will afford me the opportunity to get ahead in life. When you are taken down to the lowest of lows you learn what is important and what is not.

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