We have some years to recover

Working in the building management industry means that you need to be able to be diverse and to specialize at any time.  That is what my husband and I do. The building management and building automation industry can change quickly and there is never a warning.  You just have to always stay on top of what is happening if you want to make it in the field of building management. My husband and I met when we were in college.  We both signed up for the same courses of study and we were in the same DDC Controls, VAV Box DDC Control units and BATC classes. The class was the final step of many in becoming BMS certified.  It was a great class for both us, especially since it brought us together and led us to dating. We even got to study together for our certification testing. We made such an amazing team back then that we made it permanent and we even have our own company now in the building management industry.  I love how he is always able to look at the entire scheme of things while I am more detail oriented. It makes for the perfect pairing. We still take a lot of classes and we go to every workshop that is given. A lot of the classes are a necessity for maintaining our BMS certification. Building management is a great career to get into.  I am so glad that I took the BATC certification class or I may have never met my husband.