We have such a brilliant son, but he doesn't want to settle down anytime soon

Our son is such a brilliant young man.

He actually is an architect.

I always thought he would get into something amazing like that. He always enjoyed putting things together when he was a youngster and it seemed that the sky was the limit when it came to his imagination. Well, now he is working on all sorts of building projects and he makes real good money. He even chose to design his own custom home and he had a crew of people help him build the place! He went for a design that is entirely unique, but he also has an amazing HVAC system. He has a couple of ductless mini split systems that provide HVAC zone control throughout the house. Every single area has customized temperature control settings. Not only that, but he has sensors that tell the HVAC systems when to turn on to comfortable temperature control settings and when there is no movement in certain parts of the house, they automatically go to minimal settings. It’s such a brilliant set up and I love visiting our kid and seeing how he is doing. The only downside is that he never seems to want to get into a serious relationship with anybody. My wife and I have been talking about how it would be great to have some grandchildren. I mean he’s successful and he would be a great father, but he tells us that he is just too busy to settle down and have a family. I’m sure he will want to do that one of these days.


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