We help each other out

Way up here in the high altitude, you get used to being bitter cold.

The air is so dry up here it makes the frigid gusts of wind getse lille little ice knives running along your skin, but you learn hastily about the opposite of normal sunburns, where the intensely frigid plus dry air can cold-burn your improperly exposed skin.

Wearing masks was mandatory up here on most days long before this stupid COVID came around. Thanks to current technology, our homes don’t have to be so bitterly cold, though. The best practice is to have many available heating sources in your home, in case of emergency. The heart of the house is usually the fireplace, which is set dead in the center of the condo so that the heat can reach everywhere completely equally. The fireplace is called Old Faithful, because it will never let me down, at least, so long as I have a steady supply of wood. As reliable as it, I still need a few other heating possibilities for the home, because if anything happens I am out on here our own until the snow thaws. I keep more than 2 different sizes plus wattages of extra space furnaces here, most of which run on electricity. There is also a nice little generator in the back shed, in case I lose power, so I can use the space furnaces whenever I need them. And in case all of that fails, too, well, I also have an antique portable oil furnace that runs on natural gas, plus doesn’t need more electricity. I don’t suppose that I trust that, but in an emergency it’s better than no heating at all.


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