We Installed a Ductless Mini Split System For The Loft

My daughter and I moved into a new house this year and it was a really exciting moment for us.

We’d been living in an apartment for several years while I tried to save up enough money to purchase a home for the two of us. I worked a lot of hours in an attempt to get a proper down payment saved up. When I noticed a new neighborhood being built with affordable housing options, I jumped at the opportunity. The house has been amazing. There’s two bedrooms (including the master) on the main level and a loft on the second floor. My teenage daughter loved the idea of putting her bedroom in the loft, so that’s where we set up her things. After a few days though, we noticed that the loft got really hot because the heat was rising. The HVAC system was brand new, so I knew I didn’t need to replace it. When I called an HVAC technician about the excess heat in the loft, he gave me two options. The first option was the most expensive. He said I could add another zone to the second floor. The second option was cheaper because it was a ductless mini split system. The mini split system could be plugged into an outlet and mounted to the wall. The ductless mini split system would cool only the loft and it could be controlled by a small remote. We ended up going with the second option because it gave my daughter the most control over the temperature of her space.



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