We left dinner early because there was no air conditioning

We left dinner early because there was no air conditioning.

It was not the greatest idea to stay at the restaurant after we found out that they did not have working air conditioning.

My husband gets hot really easily, but we decided to stay anyways. When we walked into the restaurant, we noticed that it wasn’t very cool in the building. It was weird, but we figured it was just because we were so close to the doors while waiting in line. Well, we heard one of the servers say that the air conditioning was down to someone in front of us, and they left as soon as they heard there was no air conditioning. Looking back, we should have done the same thing, but we were determined that it wouldn’t be that bad without air conditioning. We were so wrong. We waited in line for about ten more minutes. When we got to our table, we realized that it was actually much warmer at the table than it was by the doors. It was warmer inside the restaurant than it was outside. We ordered our food and tried our best to have a good attitude even though we all felt like we were dying of a heat stroke. We got our food and took a few bites, but none of us wanted to eat in the hot non air conditioned environment. We decided to leave after just starting to eat. We took our food home and finished it in the privacy of our own air conditioned home. I never loved air conditioning so much in my life.

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