We love 3 star motels

My family is in enjoy with travel and adventure.

Both of us are actually sort of the outdoor exploring kind.

Both of us enjoy going off to find a locale, learn about it and then go experience it for ourselves, hands on. Once upon a time, we really flew to travel. But, with all the hassle nowadays, we like to simply drive to where we want to go. It’s particularly not a large deal for the lot of us. My teenagers get along fantastic and the whole family enjoys these trips together. If our destination is more than 6 or 7 hours away we always stop somwhere along the way for the night. Both of us find the motels along the long interstate to suit our needs much better than the extravagant hotels. Both of us really enjoy the HVAC in the roadside motels. They are built to run like tanks and are ever so powerful. I have yet to come across one that didn’t immediately cool down or heat up a room in mere minutes. It’s a very far cry from the wimpy units in the extravagant hotels where I’ve been put up in while on business. They are so weak that I can’t even believe the hotels even use them. The room rates at those places are outlandish to begin with however the HVAC units are just a freaking insult. I’m through complaining to front desk managers and general hotel supervisors about the complete lack of HVAC. I just try and stay at the drive in motels now. The rooms are comfortable, pretty clean and I don’t have to worry about dripping with sweat through the short night. And how can you beat a free breakfast right? Both of us feel we will leave the air travel and the extravagant hotels to those foolish other people. My family know just how to travel.
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