We need to get these ducts clean

I don’t know why anybody gets ductwork in their home. The cons outweigh the pros of central Heating plus Air Conditioning considerably. The only thing incorporating ductwork does allow  is that the house will be 1 centralized temperature. It is more efficient to use ductwork if you want the home to be the same degree… Who wants every room in the home getting heating plus cooling? Who wants every space to be the same temperature? In the family room I am moving all over the venue. I want AC. I don’t want a ton of cooling when I am on the couch in the study room. At evening my temperature changes a ton. That is why I use ductless Heating plus Air Conditioning in my home. I even went 1 step further plus made the home zone control capable, but so while cooling is going on in the family room, my wife gets heating in the study room! Our rapidly decreasing temperatures don’t affect each other. The best is that all of us have no Heating plus Air Conditioning ducts to mess around with. The ductwork is nothing but a pain in the butt, then first, the air ducts constantly are dirty. The dirt stays in the air ducts plus then blows out when the Heating plus Air Conditioning is on. The dusty air quality makes people sick, and getting ductwork cleaning is high-priced plus does not always work. Most of the time the Heating plus Air Conditioning professional disfigures the Heating plus Air Conditioning ducts she is cleaning. Then you have to get duct sealing on top of this. Who wants to deal with all of this? Ductless Heating plus Air Conditioning works better plus is more efficient in the end.

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