We needed new HVAC units for our vacation home

We needed new HVAC units for our vacation home and our house we live in.

At home, our central air conditioner stopped working randomly. I tried to fix it myself but failed. It appeared to me that the air conditioner had nothing wrong with it except that the air filter was a little bit older than it should have been. I called the heating and cooling business and they sent me a cooling expert to check out our central air conditioner. After a long search, the cooling expert told us our central air conditioner was ruined beyond repair. He took us to the HVAC store and showed us a few different options to replace our old air conditioner. After a long search and a lot of thought, we settled on a multi split air conditioning system. For our vacation home, we discovered that our heated flooring HVAC system was no longer working and had to have an HVAC technician drive for over an hour to come and fix it for us. We knew we were in need of new heated flooring anyway, so it was not a huge surprise that our heated flooring stopped working. I had attempted to fix the furnace myself but to no avail. Since replacing heated flooring is such a big job, we had to hire three HVAC technicians to come all the way out to our vacation house to replace them. While replacing the heated flooring was hard and expensive, we were very grateful for our new HVAC unit. We also had to pay extra since the heating technicians had to travel so far.


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