We needed some help in our building

Every two or three weeks, I go ahead and hire a new HVAC employee to work in our firm, however last time I hired employees, they did not turn out too well, then i hired three or four different friends at the same time, and all they did was complain about working on the weekends, but they always have had problems with repairs and installations, and I ended up having to fire both of the former employees.

I learned a pretty unbelievable lesson, and I did not make the same mistake this time.

I hired this one employee instead of multiple, and I carefully watched the employee while I was in the very long training process. I sometimes made calls to our clients, to ask questions about the employee’s attitude, expertise, and purchaser service. My last employee was William. I hired this dude William right after she finished HVAC certification classes. It took William a few weeks, before she could make repairs without any assistance. That is normal for a new graduate. I have numerous very top notch professionals that instructor our young recruits, then after the first few solo tasks, I contacted the purchaser for a review. The first time that William completed an HVAC installation task, I even made a home call to double-check the overall quality. Since the HVAC installation job was the first for this person, I expected to find at least seven errors. I was drastically impressed to find quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. I think that William is going to be a enjoyable HVAC employee, and I hope she will make a lake house within our dealer. There is room in this dealer for growth and opportunity, if this guy just works tough and continues studying.

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