We needed to take a trip

I remember back in the day when me and a large group of friends all carpooled to this concert that we really wanted to see a few states away from the college we were attending. There was about a dozen of us oh, and I was grateful that we were carpooling, because my beat up coupe  was not going to be of much use on such a long trip. I was perfectly happy to pay more than my fair share of gas money to my friend, who ended up taking me and two other people in his much nicer vehicle. My friends parents were considerably richer than my own and had given him quite a luxurious vehicle as a Christmas present that year. We were taking the trip just after the spring semester, and it was quite hot. but you wouldn’t know it from inside my friends awesome car. Is air conditioning system blew me and my other friends away! It was so powerful, that despite then humid 90° weather, we were actually a little too chilly sometimes. Stepping out of the vehicle to go to the gas station to fill up and use the restroom was a jarring experience. It was like stepping from a polar climate into a tropical one, no joke! The concert that we ended up attending was open air and though we thoroughly enjoyed the band’s performance, we were so hot and sweaty and exhausted by the end of the concert. We were also ready to pile back into my friend’s car and enjoy that air conditioning!

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