We offer 24 hour emergency service

When our hospital had its HVAC system installed, they never dreamed that it would be so efficient.

For the first two years, everything worked perfectly.

The management team only had to make a call and the HVAC system would be diagnosed and repaired. The hospital paid a nominal fee for the service and the HVAC company made sure they were quick with their service. They proudly announced that they offered twenty-four hour emergency service and thus far, they hadn’t failed. A couple months ago, there was a definite problem with the HVAC system. There were areas of the hospital where the air quality was not what it should be. AT midnight, the company was notified that there was a problem with the HVAC software. Their building management team is trained well when it comes to service, support and diagnosis of all HVAC systems. Their building automation systems are backed up by a professional team of engineers. The building automation system in our hospital runs not just the HVAC system, but the lights in the building. Thanks to the new building automation system, all of the lighting is also controlled. Walking into a room will turn on the lights. When the sun gets too bright, automatic shading occurs in the glass. The world is changing quickly through the use of building automation systems and the internet. Our hospital is changing with the world. I have worked in this hospital for three years now, and I have yet to see a building maintenance person. I was told that most of the building automation system diagnosis and repair is done off site.