We prefer venues that have reasonable temperature control settings

For a little while, my band and I have been performing at different venues.

I love it the most when we have a wide open space filled with people.

Some of the locals in our community really enjoy our music, and we hope to be able to branch out some more at least on a regional level. We have been doing well selling our first album though and we have been performing those songs for all the fans. We even do requests for those who know some of our other music. One thing we’ve all learned though is that it’s pressing to have good climate control when we are performing at indoor venues. We had miserable experiences on a few different occasions. This one building, the air quality was terrible. The cooling system was working to some degree, but it still felt pretty hot and it was hard to breathe because of so much dust being in the air. I told those people they needed to have an HVAC professional install a powerful air purification system, or they needed better air filters. They gave us a hard time because they said we gave a lousy performance. I thought we did alright considering the environment we had to deal with. Still, we opted to never go back to that venue again. There was another venue where they were in love with the AC system as they had it blasting the whole time. While I usually enjoy a good amount of AC, this was too much and I was actually struggling to keep warm enough during the performance. My voice even trembled a few times because I was practically shivering.

New heating