We realized our success

The temperatures are rapidly falling, and the trees are losing leaves everyday. I rake the backyard every afternoon, and there are new leaves everyday. We have a great deal of oak, maple, and sycamore trees in our backyard. They caused a lot of damage to the pool, because the filter is constantly filled with leaf debris and dirt. The pool guy comes twice each week and it cost a fortune. I can’t afford to pay more money, and I work 60 hours every week. The tree leaves have also caused a significant problem with my air conditioner as well. The air conditioner compressor is located near the house, in the backyard. There are constantly leaves around the air conditioner compressor. Last week, the air conditioner would not work. I contacted our air conditioner repair center and they sent a technician that same day. The first thing they noticed was all of the oak and maple leaves in the backyard. As soon as they removed the cover from the air conditioner compressor, we could see thousands of leaves. The air conditioner repair technician told me this was the problem. The leaves were a nuisance build-up. The air conditioner compressor was not receiving enough airflow to work properly. The air conditioner repair technician suggested some options to help with this problem. I didn’t realize how much destruction these leaves were causing. Next spring, I might think about cutting some of them to the ground. These large trees would make beautiful furniture for our home. I’m not sure if we need a permit, since they are quite old. I’ll have all winter to perform some research.

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