We saved so much money

                                               I have a grand plan for my apartment heating system.  For years I have been saving up and I am finally ready. This will be a dream come true. When I first moved into my apartment there was a strange heating boiler system in the basement. The boiler worked as the house furnace, and it seemed to do a pretty fine job at it. The heat would rise up through slats in the kitchen floor and boy did they look terrible. When I first moved I had no money and I figured as long as I have heating I  won’t complain. Now that years have passed I have replaced my heating situation. I have patched up all the slats and vents. I also have made the floors bare by ripping up the rugs. I finally have enough cash to have new flooring set up all over the apartment. I think I will be installing hydronic heating. My plan is to attach piping to the boiler system in the basement. The pipes will then go within my brand new wood floors. I then will have better heating with this method. The boiler will heat water, the water flows through the pipes I installed in the apartment, and every room gets equal heating. This is nice because it removes cold spots, since the piping goes everywhere. No more dusty air quality because it is not air being pushed through vents. Also with this method, no heated air goes up so you can really lower the temperature on the temperature control to save some money. I finally can have my new heating system installed; I just can’t wait any longer to experience the superb quality heating. I have gone too long with seasoned rugs and an ugly boiler system blowing air upwards in the house.

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