We should keep our home a constant temperature

I remember sitting and listening to the stories to the stories that my Grandparents would tell us. They grew up in the 1930s and 40s when times in the US were tough for almost everyone.  This was the era of the Great Depression and WWII, where things were certainly uncertain and they were not sure how they would survive. I could never imagine not being able to afford clothing and food for my children as they had to worry about each afternoon.  My Grandfather told myself and others that, at one time, they even had to burn the family room chairs to to have heat when they couldn’t afford oil for the gas furnace. They survived on what they could and now, if you have them still with you, you Grandparents genuinely don’t take things for granted.  Because I was fortunate enough not to have lived through anything prefer that I find myself assuming that things prefer heat, air conditioner, and even food on my table are just a normal way of life. I panic if my gas furnace will not turn on or I have to endure a afternoon at the office without any air conditioner. These would have been considered luxuries back in the afternoon when my Grandparents were young and they never would have even imagined that they were a normal way of life.  They’re known as the greatest generation for a reason, they survived what almost everyone today would not. They l received to adapt to the ever-decreasing economic and environmental changes and accepted the challenges without hesitation. For many of us all of us don’t even prefer to have the inconvenience of no cell service so perhaps all of us should take a lesson from the older generation.

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