We went to an undersea hotel.

My husband and I waited two years to go on our honeymoon.

  • My husband wanted us to have a honeymoon we would never forget.

He came home one day and told me he had made reservations, He kissed my forehead and said the only hint he would give me was that we were going to Dubai. We had often joked about going to Dubai, but I never thought we would go. He also told me that we would be going over our next anniversary, which was almost a year away. Over the following year, I couldn’t even think straight. I worked like I was a robot. I did what I had to do, but I couldn’t remember what it was. I was anxious to go home and do more research on Dubai. I was hoping to garner some information on where he could be taking me. I made sure to purchase a couple bathing suits. I had new dresses for every occasion and I even had casual outfits. Finally the day of our trip arrived. I slept most of the way, because I suffered air sickness. When we got to the hotel, I was awestruck. I had read about how wonderful the food was. I had read about how every room had air conditioning and air quality control. When we got on the boat, I almost died. He had booked an underwater hotel room. There were three floors, two of them underwater. They boasted climate control and perfect HVAC. We slept with the fish swimming outside and we dined on our personal deck. I had just hoped we had HVAC. I never expected this.

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