We were stuck in the corn maze for hours, but we had the portable cooling unit

When I went to a Halloween event at a local farm, they had this huge corn maze.

I mean this was the biggest corn maze I had ever been in and our son insisted that we bring a portable cooling unit with us. It was a pretty hot day, but I thought the breeze was nice enough to keep us all feeling alright. We also brought a lot of water with us to keep hydrated. Well, we got stuck in this corn maze for over an hour and I was actually thankful that our son brought his portable cooling unit with him in his backpack. We were all standing around the portable A/C unit as it was working for some A/C relief. I was surprised at how well the portable cooling unit worked, but you had to keep refilling it with water. After a long while, we finally ended up running out of water, but we rejoiced when we finally made it out of the corn maze! The people there laughed when we said that corn maze was way too challenging. They said a lot of people said that but they always made sure to help anybody who got lost inside the maze. They said they were thinking about putting misters around the maze for cooling relief for those who were having a hard time after so many people just about collapsed from heat stroke. I think that would be a great idea. Having misters with the portable cooling unit would have been awesome. I’m just glad we made it though and I took everybody out to dinner after that.

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