Wear your heater

My grandmother used to always yell at us for not having a hat on our heads.

She told us that she would rather see us go out in bare feet during the winter, than to go without a hat.

I used to just laugh when she said that because I didn’t want to ruin my hair. I couldn’t believe that a hat would keep you warmer than shoes did. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that she was right about the heat, when wearing hats became the fashion. She would shake her head and tell me she told me so. It seems that the body emits its heating, through the top of the head. By keeping the hat on, you aren’t allowing the heat to escape and it stays in your body to keep you warmer. I loved wearing hats after they became a fad, and I found out about the heating. I doubt if body heat is the reason why so many kids wear hats today, but I know that when my son loses his, he panics. He told me that he felt naked and he couldn’t get warm without his hat. I teased him when he was little. I told him that there was a built-in furnace in hats. If he didn’t wear his hat, he couldn’t go out because he would freeze. He still, to this day, calls his hat his heater. I laugh every time he comes back into the house, if he forgets his hat. He tells me he forgot to take his heater with him.

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