Weather affects workouts

I live in an area where the weather is most often beautiful.

I can usually head outside without bothering with a jacket.

Sometimes, the excessive heat and humidity can be a problem. I appreciate the ability to workout outdoors most of the time. I enjoy heading out on a six mile run or riding my bike for an hour. Sometimes I play tennis with my daughter or take my kayak out on the lake. I’ll even carry my yoga mat, jump rope and free weights outside for the sake of breathing fresh air and feeling the sun on my face. I find that I’m far more motivated when I exercise outside. I tend to push myself and get a better workout. It’s a great way to clear my head, get rid of stress and focus on a more positive outlook. There’s also lots of opportunities to change up the workout and keep things interesting. For the past two weeks, we’ve been hit with a nasty weather front. Every day is gray skies, high winds, rain and temperatures in the low forties. I am confined to my enclosed porch for my workouts. The routine has become terribly repetitive and stale. It’s difficult to warm up my muscles and joints. I feel stiff, tight and uninspired. I’ve noticed that I’m suffering more aches and pains and am very tempted to cut the workouts short. Yesterday, I couldn’t stand to exercise inside again. I bundled up in layers of clothing and rode my bike to the athletic field. I then ran sprints for half an hour and rode home. It felt great to be outside but it was freezing cold.

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