Welcome home!

Christmas will soon be here and we are getting excited.  Every other year, we take the trip back home to visit my wife’s family for the holiday.  The opposite year, we spend with my family, here in the states. We don’t like to travel a lot, but it is nice to see people we haven’t seen in a couple years.  After being gone so long, we thought it would be nice to come home to a house that was warm enough to greet us. We always turn the thermostat low when we leave, and we get home, the house has a chill running through it.  We had heard that there was new technology that stops that from happening, so we called the HVAC company to ask what we could do. After inspecting our HVAC system, he asked if we had considered buying a Smart Thermostat for our home.  With the Smart Thermostat, we could monitor our HVAC system from anywhere in the world where they had WiFi. We could also set the thermostat to a higher temperature about twenty minutes before we got home, and the house would be warm and cozy when we walked in.  The Smart Thermostat was a bit pricey, but we realized that it cost a lot less for the Smart Thermostat than it did for our holiday trip. We also knew that with the money we could save on energy, it was a good investment. This year, when we get home, we will coming home to a warm and comfortable home, thanks to our new Smart Thermostat and the app on our cell phone.