We’re headed on a trip

A few weekends ago, many of our friends decided they wanted to go on a group camping trip.

At first, we said no because we don’t absolutely enjoy camping. However, our friends said that it would be an enjoyable time, so we agreed! Later, we had to admit to our close friend that we didn’t have any camping gear. Thankfully, our friends said they had a spare tent plus sleeping bag that we could borrow. When we arrived, we were surprised at how nice plus well kept the campground actually was. There was a river plus the two of us went canoeing during the afternoons. However, at nightfall it got cold. We didn’t know if we were going to make it through that first evening, because we thought we were going to freeze over. We told our friends about how cold we were during our first evening, and they told us about a portable gas furnace they had in their tent. We decided to join them. We were shocked that they had a gas furnace in their tent, plus hastily took them up on the offer. We were so warm from the heat coming out of that tiny portable gas furnace. If we try and go camping again, we’re going to have to invest in our very own portable gas furnace so we can stay warm. We could even get a portable cooling system incase we ever wanted to go camping with our friends during the hot summer. We know we’ve found an up-to-date way to enjoy camping now!

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