We’re operating in normal business hours

Back when I first got divorced and was living completely on my own, I really loved the freedom I had. I have to say married life was not at all for me unless I met my equal twin of the other sex! But, I was young, dumb and did not know any better. One of the things I really enjoyed doing at that time was going food shopping in the middle of the night at 3 or 4 am during the summer time months. There was no one in the grocery store at that time, as well as the air conditioning was really nice in those wee hours. Because it was so hot out in the summer, even at night, the air conditioning in that grocery store felt so good! In the daytime and normal business hours, trying to shop in that store was tough. The air conditioning never worked right because of the door opening and closing the entire time, which let all the heat in the store. I mean, they could have turned down the thermostat and made the air conditioning work higher. But, that would also mean higher bills for the grocery store. It was a small independent owned grocery store, so I am sure that saving money on energy bills was a must. The industrial heating and cooling system they had in the place must have cost them a fortune as it was. So, I totally understood about the air conditioning issue in the normal business hours. That is why I chose to go in the wee hours, shop and enjoy quality air conditioning!

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