We’re waiting for the carpet cleaners.

When our upstairs neighbor sprang a leak in the water pipes, I wasn’t expecting to have anything but water on my floors. The superintendent didn’t tell me that she had sprung a leak in the sewage pipe and she had to be moved out of her apartment. The next day, when my ceiling collapsed and I had the muck from upstairs coming down into my apartment, I was upset. I should have been told about this because now my carpeting was ruined, but no one was offering to move me out. I called the carpet cleaners, but I also called my landlord. He told me to go to a hotel if I couldn’t stand the situation, but he wasn’t offering to pay for my damages or for a hotel room. The carpet cleaners finally arrived and asked if I was going to be leaving for a couple days. They had to clean the carpet and sanitize it because of the type of debris that was in my carpet. I had to call my mom and tell her what the carpet cleaners said and ask if they were going to be home. She wasn’t happy with my asking for permission to stay, but she told me she guessed it was okay before laughing and hanging up on me. I couldn’t believe the superintendent hadn’t told me about the break or that the landlord was not going to help me out. The carpet cleaner gave me a card that had the number of a person who handled these types of complaints from tenants. He said they would help me payment for personal damages, but he also told me to call my renters insurance company. I had never thought of calling the insurance company.

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