We’re worrying when we don’t need to

While out driving the other day I was really enjoying the sights of the city.  It is two weeks before Christmas and some of the older, mansion sized, homes are  just decorated spectacularly. I have often commented to my husband that I would love to have that many lights on our home, but, he reminds me that they probably pay for the place to be decorated and we can’t afford that. So, I drive around and admire everyone else’s.  That night was really warm so I decided to park the car and take a walk around the block. I strolled along, looking up at all the lights, when all of a sudden something caught my eye. There was a large fan spinning in the basement window of one of the homes. Now, when I say it was really warm, I mean for our area which was around forty degrees.  We normally have temperatures in the twenties so it was warm by comparison. This, however, is not what I would consider warm enough to need a fan to cool off a basement at that time of year. Why would anyone what to draw cold air into their home during the winter? As luck would have it the homeowner was just pulling up and my curiosity got the better of me.  They were very kind when I asked about the odd placement and explained that the ductwork in the basement had a huge hole in it and poured heat into the space. She said without the fan going it was like a sauna. Again, why not just fix the hole? My husband is quite handy so I offered to have him look at it to provide a temporary fix until she could get an HVAC repair person out to look at it. There was no sense wasting energy and money heating the basement like that and then running a fan to cool it off.

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