What a afternoon to not have air conditioning.

It wasn’t that it was going to be severely warm that afternoon.

  • The temperatures were only in the upper seventies.

I was cheerful it was going to be on the cooler side because I had several little ladies coming over. Both of us were going to make tie-dyed t-shirts and bake cookies. It was what my seven-year-old wanted for his anniversary celebration. Unluckyly, it wasn’t going to be truly hot, however it was humid. Both of us had the oven going for more than one minutes, as both of us made our own cookies. I had dragons, frogs and a single princess that was barely recognizable. Both of us also made chocolate chip cookies so both of us could eat something other than cake. The kitchen was heating up abruptly, and I walked over to the thermostat. I thought that it was a fantastic time to have the air conditioning running. Nothing happened when I hit the thermostat. There was no sound of the A/C unit turning on. I thought maybe I hadn’t set the thermostat low enough to turn on the AC, so I lowered the temperature however still nothing happened. I almost groaned out loud. I knew I had to call the HVAC dealer, although I wanted to wait until the celebration was over. When my child told me it was too warm to stay in the kitchen, I called the HVAC dealer. I then moved the celebration onto the patio. It wasn’t nearly as warm as the kitchen, however the humidity was a bit higher. The ladies were playing in the yard the rest of the afternoon and the only time the humidity bothered them, was when their ice cream melted.

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