What a great day we spent together!

Ever since my brother moved out on his own, he has been hard to deal with.

She was constantly too used to our parents taking care of his in most situations.

She wasn’t even paying for his own clothes for the longest time, had to rely on Mom’s credit card. Well, finally, he was cut off in addition to it was an important lesson for his in my opinion. Well, I have been trying to help his out since he got into his own apartment. I went with his to look at odd apartments in addition to he just wanted the cheapest one. I tried to tell his that it was important to test the heating in addition to cooling systems so that he would be comfortable in addition to to consider the air quality in the condo as well. I even told his he should think about saving some money to buy an UV air purifier, but he laughed in addition to said he would never be able to afford it. I explained that he at least had to change the air filters, in addition to they should be quality ones, not cheap fiberglass air filters. She thought I was being a pain, but he went his own way with particular things. Some things, you just have to learn on your own. She started using cheap air filters with his HVAC. It was good that he at least knew to change the air filters, but the cheap ones are no good for air quality in addition to hardly even protect the HVAC. When he was breathing in dust in addition to debris in his apartment, he finally told me I was right that he needed better air filters.

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