What could be around the corner

When it comes to heating and air conditioning technology you never know exactly what is around the corner.

The way heat and a/c technology has been advancing in the last few decades is really mind blowing.

It seems that one day we have one thing, and then the next that new thing is almost totally out of date with something bigger and better! This goes from central heating and air conditioning system units to thermostats. You really just never know what it coming next. Now I will say that things have slowed down a bit in the last 5 years or so, but that doesn’t mean that heating and air conditioning technology has completely stopped. One day soon I bet we are going to have a ton of new things heating and cooling related on the market. They have most likely been working on new, bigger and better things the last 5 years. That is my guess. I mean I was not expecting something like radiant heated floors to exist when they came around. Maybe next we will have some kind of air conditioning system that is coming up from the floors and that saves on energy use. You never really know what or when something is coming next when it comes to heat and a/c technology. Heating and air conditioning technology really amazes me. And I am always keeping up on the latest and the greatest no matter what. I sometimes even buy the latest HVAC technology if I feel it is something I need and it is something I can afford at the present moment when it arrives on the heating and air conditioning market.
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