What does it cost for residential window films?

I knew how much it cost for commercial window film, although I absolutely liked the way it looked when the windows were done.

At first, there were large bubbles beneath the films, which made it look cheap. Within a week, the air bubbles had subsided and it looked appreciate the two of us had colored glass in the windows instead of having window film. The upgrade of the window film was more expensive than expected, however it was for safety in addition to for convenience. There was a lot of cash put into the offices, with their leather furniture and carpeting. It would have been a shame to purchase those items only to have them fade and/or crack in a short time because of sunlight damage. I wondered if it would be as expensive to have window film put into a residential building as it was to install in a commercial building. I knew that people who lived in a building were even more covetous of their personal items, than those in a commercial office building. Knowing their belongings would be safer with the use of window film, would make it much easier to convince the owners to invest in the project. We talked about the opportunity of window film when the two of us had our HOA meeting the following month. It shocked me to see that nearly everyone was in concurrence with having window film installed in our housing building. No a single even asked about the cost of buying and installing the window film. Apparently for all the reasons I listed, they thought window film was worth any price.

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