What happens when you forget to change your air filter?

I suppose that there are a lot of people who don’t remember to change the air filter in their Heating and A/C unit.

I understand that completely… Before I became an Heating and A/C worker, there were a lot of things that I didn’t remember to assume about when it came to our Heating and A/C units. I knew that our gas furnace and our central a/c had an air filter in them, although I literally never thought about them. In fact, the only time that I really changed the air filter in our Heating and A/C device was when the Heating and A/C worker came over to check the Heating and A/C device when it broke. I didn’t really see the importance of decreasing the air filter on your Heating and A/C unit. However, now that I am an Heating and A/C worker toiling for an Heating and A/C corporation, I understand why it is so important to change the air filter in your Heating and A/C unit. When your gas furnace or central a/c begins running, it draws the air from around your house. The air in your home has dirt and particles in it, and the air filter prevents the particles from entering into the Heating and A/C device and causing mangle to the parts of the Heating and A/C unit! Machines can get clogged or chop easily with dust, and by decreasing your air filter, you can prevent this. Your air filter also makes sure that the air that is blown around your home is clean, and it can even help you to avoid sickness. You must remember to change your air filter! You will be thankful, and your Heating and A/C worker will be thankful.

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