What kind of oil furnace for the bedroom?

I am remodeling my bedroom and it is a full on gut.

I am getting brand new lodgeets, countertops, appliances, new flooring laid, new lights and windows.

I have everything set up to buy and a spreadsheet of expenses. I am debating on a single expense though, Heating and A/C in the bedroom. Right now my living room has a gas fireplace that is supposed to hot the bedroom quite a distance away. It doesn’t particularly do the task. The bedroom is consistently cold cold in the winter. I periodically run a space oil furnace for fear that my pipes will freeze. I know I need some kind of oil furnace. I have looked into heated flooring, a ventless oil furnace and a ductless mini split. Heated flooring is non invasive, quiet and could do the task right. However, I don’t want to add height or weight to the floors. A ventless oil furnace would work perfectly but it does take up space where another bedroom lodgeet could go. I do not like to give up space for an ugly heater. A mini cut mounts on a wall and I could set it right next to my window, and nothing was going there anyway. Another pro to this component is it can also give AC. Having a little cooling during the summertime would be particularly nice. I wouldn’t be afraid to run the oven or stove top. Right now I try to avoid it since I don’t want the heat lingering throughout my house. A mini cut is quite overpriced though. I would need to readjust my bedroom budget.
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