What should I do with this

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about Christmas lately.  I was absolutely getting bummed out because they weren’t calling for snow on Christmas.  A lot of people don’t guess a colorless Christmas is any huge deal, however I do. It is the purity of the colorless on the ground that gets to me.  I think that it is cold and pretty much everyone worries about their heating bills. I worry about our heating system and how it has to work overtime when it is absolutely cold.  I’m not asking for Arctic like weather for the entire Wintertime. I am only asking for a couple of inches of snow for Christmas Eve. I just guess that is the perfect gift. Then, you can take back the snow, and keep the temperatures in the forties for the rest of Wintertime.  My mom used to hate Wintertime. She would shiver from the time the temperatures went below sixty. I would have the area heating system running in her dining room, just so she wasn’t so cold. The people I was with and I would turn up the thermostat when she was sitting in the residing room or home office, with us.  I hated to see her when she was cold. It made myself and others angry that I couldn’t do anything to make her think better. My partner bought her a small oil filled heating system for her dining room. Once the people I was with and I set that up for her, she seemed to have more even heat. The thing is, with the heater, she stayed in her room more than she came out to talk to us, and I loved her corporation.

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