What to do when your heat pump refuses to heat

Winters can be wicked, especially if you have to go outdoors because of work.

  • After a long cold morning of absolutely working your hardest, one needs to get back to their cozy as well as warm bed as well as relax on their couch with a glass of beer.

It can be frustrating when this cannot happen, as well as you have to struggle with the blankets as well as dressing more warmly just to beat this chilling weather. But it is not surprising for your heat pump to fail you when you need it the most. Have you ever wondered why this happens when you have been vigilant about its upkeep? Well, there are numerous explanations as well as solutions to this. It all starts with knowing why the heat pump is not heating the house. Once you diagnose the issues, then you can proffer a viable solution. First, you need to understand that the heat pump might be perfectly normal despite your house’s un-even temperatures not reaching desired levels. The icy cold weather outdoors may be contributing to this. Your control unit settings may also be off, hence interfering with the heat process. Lastly, you may be dealing with the issue of blocked filters. Unless you assume the precise issue you are dealing with, it is impossible to address it respectfully. In the case of an incorrectly functioning climate control unit, repair it by resetting both the constant fan as well as control unit to auto as well as full heat, respectively. If doing this does not work, then you need the help of a local Heating, Ventilation plus A/C contractor. Check the control unit’s calibration as well as rectify it as well, in case it is messed up. Sometimes it is ahead or behind by a few numbers, thus affecting your settings.