What’s going on here

In our family, there is very little that is sacred.  You can’t have a secret in our family. If you even hint at something, you end up fifty phone calls, trying to see what is wrong.  When I was having difficulty with my marriage, I was trying to find a way to leave. I was talking to my best friend about the problem, and she told my mom.  Next thing I knew, I was looking for apartments and my children and I were living with them until I found one. It seemed like every apartment I went to see, wasn’t good enough.  My dad ended up saying no to five of the eight, and my mom nixed the other three. There was one that I really liked, but my dad didn’t like that it had electric heat. The apartment was on the bottom floor, and I had to pay for my own heat.  He told me that heat would rise, and the people upstairs would be warm and cozy. They also would not be using very energy. I would be paying for their heat. The next apartment had an odd smell. He said it was that there was oil leaking around the furnace.  Another apartment had mold in the corner. He didn’t know if it was old or new, but he didn’t want his grandchildren in a moldy house. This meant, to him, that the HVAC wasn’t working properly. I ended up staying with them for almost a year before I found an apartment that suited them.  I’m really glad I have this kind of family.