When I book a beachfront hotel room, I sleep with the sliding door open

I love to travel and one of my favorite things to do is to book a beachfront hotel room with a balcony.

When I drive to the beach, I keep the air conditioner on in my car while the driver side window is rolled down.

I love smelling that fresh air and hanging my left hand out the window when I drive. The general rule is when the A/C in your car is running you should keep the windows up to ensure the best fuel efficiency, similar to when the A/C is on in your home, it is recommended that all windows and doors to the outside are shut for the most energy efficiency. Though these are well known recommendations and rules, on many occasions I have broken these rules especially when I book a beachfront hotel room with a balcony. I enjoy hearing the soothing waves when I am in the room, especially at nights when I go to sleep, so I keep the sliding door to the balcony open. The hotel staff would probably frown upon this practice as it is not energy efficient or ideal protocol when the central air is on, but I assume they know that this happens occasionally, right? When I am home, I sleep more comfortably when I have the white noise from my fan and my A/C in the background, but I can’t think of a better while noise than the ocean waves as they roll in towards the shore. If I am at the beach and the night becomes unusually cool, I will turn off or increase the temperature on the thermostat so that the central air conditioner doesn’t come on while the sliding door is open. Don’t be alarmed, I typically request a room on one of the higher floors, therefore, I am never worried about someone entering the room during the night while I sleep comfortably.


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