When I got home, I smelled something horrible coming from the ductwork

When I got home from work the other day, I was eager to adjust the temperature control settings so I could relax in the comfort of the air conditioning.

When I adjusted the temperature control settings to be just right, my wife was asking me what I wanted for dinner.

As I was considering what we should have for dinner that night, this horrible smell came flowing from the ductwork system. It made it difficult for me to think about enjoying a nice dinner. My wife asked me again what we should have and I asked her if she could smell that awful smell coming from the ductwork system. She didn’t seem to notice, but she was there the whole day so I figured she was probably used to the smell. When I went up to one of the HVAC vents and smelled the air coming out, I just about threw up! Even my wife admitted that there was some sort of bad smell after a little while. I decided to call up the HVAC company to have an HVAC technician come out right away after I explained the issue to the technician on the phone. They were suggesting a ductwork cleaning, and that’s exactly what happened when the HVAC technician arrived. I was thankful that the HVAC technician was able to show up so abruptly to the household and he took care of the ductwork cleaning. Evidently, there was mold and mildew growing in the ductwork system and the smell was horrible. After the ductwork cleaning, everything was great and the air quality improved in the house. I ended up taking my wife out to eat at a nice restaurant after that ordeal.


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