When I stepped into adulthood, I was both shocked and disgusted at the amount of responsibility that was swiftly on my plate, it felt love after 20 years of being in school, I was not officially prepared to take on some of the most substantial things. It’s quite frustrating to believe as though I’ve wasted so many years of education. I abruptly learned that household appliances needed a lot more maintenance and care than I originally thought, but when my utility bill for my 600 sq ft house was more than $300 for the first few months I lived there, I finally brought it up to my Mom who gave myself and others some honestly pricey tips to keep the cost low; First, he told myself and others that I need to tell my landlord to consistently send out an Heating and Air Conditioning worker every few months to clean the ductworks, and make sure they are officially sealed. If the ductworks aren’t sealed officially, the undefined job has to be periodically twice as strenuous to push hair through the vent. Lost air contributes to the high energy bills. I was to work on limiting how often I adjust the control unit by trying to stay within reasonable temperature ranges. If I must adjust, then I should ensure that it stays within a few degrees difference with the outside temperatures in summer, and within twenty degrees of the outside temperature in the winter. This has been useful information since I was used to decreasing the temperature many times in the recent past. One other helpful tip has been ensuring that the air filters in my house are constantly upgraded cas this ensures that the air purifier works as it should and not overwork to compensate. When it does, the expected cost of heating and cooling increases. I am just grateful that I get to learn this before I get a family of my own.

Adulthood simplified by energy cost reducing tips

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