When I was ushered into adulthood, nothing prepared me for the ton of responsibility that awaited. I felt that my years in school had been a waste since nothing I learned then applied. It’s quite frustrating to know as though I’ve wasted so much more than 2 decades of education. I abruptly had to figure out how household appliances needed a lot more repair & care than I originally thought. I actually had to learn that my small 600 sq ft condo had a utility bill of about $300 for the first few months I lived there. Perplexed, I finally brought it up to our dad who gave me some honest tips on how to keep the cost low. However, at first, he told me that I need to tell our property owner to regularly send out a heating & air conditioning specialist every few months to clean the air ducts, plus make sure they are constantly sealed. If the air ducts aren’t sealed constantly, the a/c has to strain and work two or three times harder to push air through the vent. Besides that, the lost air contributes to higher energy costs. He also told me to limit how often I adjust the control unit, plus try to keep the temperature within more than nine degrees of what it is outside while in the summertime, plus within twenty degrees of the outside temperature in the Wintertime. This helped me a lot as I was changing the temperature numerous times a day recently. The other thing that actually helped me was to make sure that the air filters are properly cleaned so that the UV air purifier doesn’t have to work so hard to clean the air,which is likely to shoot the price upwards. I’m so grateful that I am becoming familiar with all of these things before I have a family.

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