When the fall gets here, I can finally shut off the A/C

Everyday is the same battle for the most part.

I wake up every single day and do not even bother to think about what happens to be headed my way.

I already know how the entire day is going to pan out and exactly what to expect in my days. I have no excitement left in my life and no motivation to keep going unless something major breaks. Basically what I am saying is, I am seriously prepared for a change of season, literally. It has been the summer months in my area for 8 months or so. I know that in other regions of the country, the Summer months are a short and sweet time of year. A majority of people look forward to a couple of weeks of sunshine and relaxation down by the pool with a cool drink in their hands. In the rest of the country, summer time is a terribly long, arduous, and miserable season. Where I live it starts in February and ends anywhere in October when the cool air comes flowing naturally outside. For all the weeks in between, you are dealing with air temperatures in the mid-90s and terrible humidity most afternoons of the week. All of us rarely get rain or wind to help cut the heat down. All of us just have sunshine and we have to blast our A/C appliances. After a few weeks of it.. you stop wanting to go outside anymore. I do not want to leave the comfort and safety of my cooling appliance. All that I want is a nice, natural, flowing Breeze of cooling air to come rolling through my windows. I do not know how much longer I can deal with being covered in sweat through my sheets and hiding from the sunshine inside my air-conditioned dwelling. I hope the weather changes really soon.


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