When the heating went out at our church, we weren’t sure what to do

Last week, it was Christmas plus we were having a immense Christmas Eve service at our church.

The people I was with and I had been planning for this unique service for weeks plus everything was planned out to the smallest detail.

The people I was with and I just knew the service was going to be perfect plus we were honestly happy for the immense event! Then, the afternoon of Christmas Eve, I got a frantic iphone call from one of the cleaning ladies at the church, but he said that when he had come in that afternoon, the church was entirely cold. She went to turn the heating on plus when he went to the temperature control equipment in the back hallway, he found that the temperature control wasn’t working. She said he messed around with the temperature control equipment for a while plus he even changed the batteries, but nothing helped. The temperature control just wasn’t working! Of course, separate from the church’s temperature control to control the gas furnace, the place wasn’t exactly getting any warmer! The people I was with and I have a immense outdated oil furnace in the basement that heats the church pretty well most of the time. The people I was with and I even had it inspected by our commercial Heating & Air Conditioning company a couple of weeks before, but obviously they hadn’t checked our temperature control out honestly thoroughly… After I hung up with the cleaning man, I instantaneously called the emergency Heating & Air Conditioning line for our commercial Heating & Air Conditioning company. Even though it was a holiday, I told them that they were going to have to send an Heating & Air Conditioning corporation out instantly. I couldn’t rest the thought of our service being ruined by a lack of heating!


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