When they said update the whole system, I took a big gulp

I was supposed to leave on a plane on Tuesday at 7 pm.

I had to work until 3 p.m.

and after that I had to go lake apartment and pack the car so I could drive to the airport. I hoped the afternoon would not have any hiccups, and everything seemed to go wrong that afternoon. I woke up bright and early, because I was boiling and dripping with sweat. The a/c should have been running, but there was no frosty air coming out of the vents. I contacted the office and I told them that I had to address the concern with the a/c. My boss thought it was wonderful timing that the a/c broke down on the last afternoon I was supposed to work before holiday. I thought it was entirely bad timing, because I had to take care of the concern before I left for the airport. I had to call numerous unusual repair services before I found someone that had an appointment available for the same afternoon. They could not schedule anything for myself and others until 1 pm. That was the earliest appointment I could find. I completed all of my chores and the repair service arrived about 30 minutes early. I patiently waited to hear from the expert. When they said it was time to update the whole system, I took a big gulp. I never expected to hear that news from the service supplier. I needed to get a fifth opinion, but I was supposed to leave. I had to cancel my plans and stay home. The next afternoon I had businesss in and out of the apartment replacing the entire Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system.


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