Where are the mice?

I was doing laundry the other day when I felt a tickle across my foot.

I thought it was the end of a towel, since I was loading the washer.

When I felt it again, I saw a tiny little mouse scampering in between the folds of my sheets that still lay on the floor. I slowly picked up the ends of the sheets and shook them gently. The mouse had disappeared to somewhere, but he had left some pumpkin seeds in the sheets. There were quite a few pumpkin seeds, so he must have been working for quite a while. My husband started looking to see if he could find where the mouse had gone, and he soon found the hole. The hole led right into the back of the electrical box. I was worried that if the mouse were to chew through a major wire, it could start a fire. The mouse hadn’t chewed through the wiring, but he had chewed on the plastic hot water pipe that was leading into my washer. I hadn’t washed my whites yet, so I had only been using cold water. I was worried about how long ago this had happened, since our hot water heater had been running continuously. My husband saw where the mouse had been pulling the insulation out of the hot water heater, and we knew this was another problem. We did not want a mouse living in our hot water heater. Now I was thinking about the hundreds of mice we may have and if they were in the furnace, the air conditioning unit, and the hot water heater, or even in my bedroom at night.

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