Where do I go for a cheap air purifier?

My wife was in a fury when she heard about the new virus that is taking over.

  • She had been talking about having an air purifier installed, for the last two years.

She was thinking about keeping flu and cold viruses at bay. Never did we think there could be a virulent virus like this, taking over. I’m wishing I had bought the air purification system and had it installed in the HVAC system. I don’t know if the air purifier would actually keep us from getting the virus, but at this point, anything is worth a shot. We know several people who have been infected. So far, no one has passed away. I was looking in the newspaper wondering if I could purchase a cheap air purifier for my home. I called the HVAC company and asked if they knew where I could get a cheap air purifier. The HVAC technician I was talking to, began to laugh. He told me that if I was going to have an air purifier installed, I shouldn’t look for a cheap one. He told me that the best air purifier was the best. I should have an air purifier that not only had HEPA air filters, but it needed a UV light system. With UV light, the air is cleaned as it passes through the light. This kills the bacteria, molds and viruses that are in the air. The large particles are picked up by the HEPA air filter. I asked about the price and I knew I couldn’t afford it. I’m back to looking for a cheap air purifier.


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