Where I grew up

My childhood home was basically a bungalow.

It had two small bedrooms and one master bedroom, which was the only air-conditioned room in the house.

I had my own room, but I only had a stand fan. Each time our parents told us they were going to cool the room, we would carry all our books to the master bedroom. We would do our schoolwork there until they decide to turn the cooling system off. Whenever summer came, my brothers and I slept with our parents in the master bedroom because it was cool and comfortable there. It was nice having to stay in a cool room while watching TV or studying for an exam. We had a good air conditioner, but each time we turned off the TV, we would notice a loud humming sound coming from the cooling system. The humming got louder and louder, which told us we had to get it cleaned. Because we only had a window-type air conditioning unit, the air conditioner service professionals had to remove it from the wall each time they cleaned it. Professional air conditioner cleaners would then reinstall the unit after they’ve dried it completely. As kids, we would be excited to turn the air conditioner back on after it was cleaned. When we did, the loud humming toned down significantly. To prevent the air conditioning unit from giving off warm air and that loud humming sound, my parents had it cleaned every month. Because of monthly professional cleaning, the air conditioner in the master bedroom lasted until the day I was old enough to leave.

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