Where would I go from there?

It took years to reach the point where I could afford to buy a house, but it was worth the wait! I absolutely hated living in apartments where I was bombarded with constant noise from neighbors, in addition to other tenants. But, because of my financial situation, there was no real chance of me doing it until I landed my job. From being an electronics salesman, to being a software developer – that’s how I began making serious dough! Soon, I had enough money on hand for a down payment and using my credit, I was able to grab a deal on my mortgage. I spent more 2 years with this home, just loving it! I considered major changes eventually though, and I had slowly filled the yard with plants as well as other flowers. The home was the same, and along with fresh paint there wasn’t much I made as far as changes. For whatever reason, I concluded that it would be a solid plan to add a second story over my garage. I wanted a special workshop just so I didn’t always have to sweat bullets in my garage! Working on projects can be exhausting. Since it would be overhead with a small staircase connecting the 2 floors, I felt that the convenience was totally perfect! The building part is over now, so I’m looking for ways to heat and cool the space accordingly. At first, I felt that I could simply run ducts from my existing central air conditioner up to the second story workshop.



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