Who needs HVAC units while working out?

Honestly, I don’t understand why people feel like they absolutely need HVAC units while they are working out. I have heard so many people complain about how hard it is to work out without a central air conditioner. They will complain about the warm temperatures in their house, and they are sure that the only way to cool off after and during that workout is to have the air conditioner set to the highest setting possible. During the winter, people tell me that they can’t work out or get warmed up because their body is too cold. While I understand why people might like using HVAC units for working out, I think that HVAC units are absolutely unnecessary. In fact, I never use an HVAC unit while working out if I can manage it. I exercise outside all year long, and I love it. During the winter, I never work out inside with a furnace. Instead, I go outside despite the cold temperatures and train in the extreme weather. It allows me to be tougher. Sure, I have to layer up at first, but once you start exercising, you heat up enough that you don’t even miss the furnace. During the summer, I work out outside as well, usually at parks or outdoor calisthenics gyms. Although it might get warm, a cold water bottle will help a lot. You don’t even need the central air conditioner. During the spring and fall, the temperatures are perfect, and you don’t even need an HVAC unit. People would be a lot tougher if they worked out without an HVAC unit.


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