Whole family works in SEO marketing strategy

My sister started an SEO corporation and my whole family is involved.

She was always the computer girl who could do anything as long as she had access to a computer.

She is the one who creates websites, and takes advantage of tools such as PPC plus SEM. She does all the complex tech jobs. The rest of the family is not as proficient online as she is, but we each have a speciality. My father is a salesman for the supplier. He visits small businesses and consults with them about their online advertising presence. This is the new way of marketing, and these companies can’t rely on newspapers or word of mouth. My dad gets them interested. My sister builds the website and my mom writes the content for the website. We mainly focus on HVAC advertising. My mother creates all HVAC related articles about heating service and A/C service for the homepage for the specific HVAC business. My job is social media. I handle that for each HVAC corporation that employs us. I manage facebook, twitter, google and any other social media platforms the supplier chooses. We each concentrate on a certain job and have gotten quite skilled at it. It is interesting that HVAC is our focus because none of us knew much about the industry when we started. Now, however, we use the jargon and talk knowledgeably with actual HVAC professionals. My whole family has acquired so much more information on the online advertising trends. We understand how to keep up with the evolving times and help those HVAC sites rank better.