Whole lake house air cleaner checks allergies and biological hazards

The more the years go by, the less my body wants to do what I ask it to do.

There was a time, many decades ago, when my aged man was sliding into his late fifties. He told me that getting aged was just not suggested. I remember laughing at that but now, I think exactly how he feels. Every one of us all just get older and the physical aspects of that are a drag. I even have noticed that my allergies were getting worse. My toil is now done from apartment so, I am inside the Heating plus Air Conditioning maintained environment of my apartment entirely 90 percent of the day. Our region deals with big time heat so, the a/c is on much of the year. With the regular Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment cycling the air at least 5 to 7 times per day, that’s a lot of potential exhausting air quality that I am regularly breathing. I put in a truly high quality Heating plus Air Conditioning air filter not too long ago. It does a wonderful job catching a variety of airborne contaminants and I don’t have too many complaints. However, since I am at apartment so much, I decided to have a whole lake house air cleaner put in. This thing just blew my mind on a number of levels. First, it use truly high intensity UV light to burn and destroy the DNA of any airborne hazard. This means it is killing not only the pollen but any other biological hazard that might be in my air. That is a nice feeling. But, the fact that my allergies are basically totally in check now is a wonder.
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