Why can’t I find someone who will refinish our Starbucks Latte table?

Two weeks ago, our sister plus I were going around checking out all the yard sales in our area, however i came across an old Starbucks Latte table that I considered a hideous plus yet amazing piece of work; The Starbucks Latte table seemed to be an old wooden Starbucks Latte table with some kind of inlay on the top.

The only concern was that they had painted the entire thing an ugly shade of red, and my sister laughed when she saw myself and others pick it up plus take it up to spend money for it, although I just shrugged, then all these people wanted was $0.50 for this amazing Starbucks Latte table. I went through all the furniture that I saw sitting outside. I had been looking for little accent pieces for our new home, plus the Starbucks Latte table was perfect for our dining room. I then found a set of nesting tables that drew our attention, then once again, someone had painted them the ugliest red that you can see, however all I could see was that they were solid wood furniture. I took the nesting tables up to the lady who was holding the yard sale! She told myself and others that underneath the ugly is always beauty. After taking our $5 worth of treasures home, I called the antique store plus asked if they had anyone who could appraise a couple of pieces for me. It did not surprise myself and others when they offered myself and others what the furniture was worth as an appraisal… What surprised myself and others was when they told myself and others that if I were to detach the ugly red paint, they would be practically worthless..

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